National Literacy Mission Authority
Department of School Education and Literacy
Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

Scheme of Support to Voluntary Agencies for Adult Education & Skill Development

S.No. Date of Issue Circular
1 16-09-2003 Request to furnish the registration certificate Memorandum of associations and BYe Laws
2 30-01-2004 Utilisation of grant-in-aid and Development Fund by the JSS and Instructions -regarding
3 20-04-2004 Appointment of Director and Director-in-charge -further instruction-regarding
4 25-05-2004 Coverage of Target group of Beneficiaries as per as JSS Schemes Guidelines -regarding
5 25-05-2004 - (2) Use of Development fund -further instruction -regarding
6 31-05-2004 Finalisation of accounts of JSS for the year 2003-2004 and onwards and Instructions -regarding
7 01-05-2007 Issue of CheckLists - Constitution/re-Constitution of Board of Management , settlement of audited Accounts & appointment of Director on regular basis
8 02-06-2008 Nomination of Government of India's representatives on the Governing Body of SRC
9 12-06-2009 Procedure of be followed in dealing with references related to staff matters of JSS -regarding
10 23-06-2009 Procedure of be followed for releases of grants of JSS
11 12-05-2010 Misrepresentation of status of JSS /SRC
12 09-07-2010 List of nominees of Director General on the board of management/Selection committee meeting of JSS
13 29-03-2011 Constitution /re- Constitution of BOM of JSSs - Nomination of non-officials member against Slots
14 25-04-2011 Constitution /re- Constitution of Governing Body of the SRCs nomination of non-officials member against Slots
15 12-05-2011 Procedure of monitoring performances of JSS and handling of complaints received against them.
16 16-01-2012 Modalities of selection of chairperson for the BOM of JSS which are not affiliated to any parent Voluntary Organisation or University
17 22-08-2012 Constitution of a committee on reforms and restructuring of JSS
18 29-08-2012 Upper age limit of Director and other staff member in JSS/SRC - Guidelines regarding...
19 14-12-2012 Inclusion of SC/ST category and minority community members in the selection committees for the Director and other staff members of SRC and JSS
20 13-05-2013 Enhancement of allocation earmarked under Special component plans for schedule Tribes under the component of JSS in the schemes of Support to Voluntary Agencies for Adult Education & skill development
21 14-05-2013 Processing of proposal regarding appointment of Director in JSS-clarification-reg.
22 20-06-2013 Decision taken by the Government after due to consideration of recommendations made by the committee of reforms and restructuring of JSS
23 04-07-2013 Enhancing of resources of JSSs through convergence with other similar Schemes /Programme of other Ministries /Department of Government of India
24 08-07-2013 Clarification regarding convergence of JSS with skill development programmes of the Ministry of Labour
25 15-07-2013 Revision/Modification of Guidelines/Instruction of Management,Planning and Programming of the SRC for Adult & continuing Ecuation
26 01-08-2013 Guidelines of streamlining of procedure in the Adult Education Bureau for dealing with the JSS ,SRC and NGOs
27 20-08-2013 Guidelines of streamlining of procedure in the Adult Education Bureau for dealing with the JSS ,SRC and NGOs -communication through official e-mail Ids only
28 29-11-2013 Online submission of Proposal for release of grants and other administrative matters through the JSS Portal
29 12-12-2013 Decision taken by the Government of India regarding revision / modification of the guidelines off JSS
30 05-03-2014 Alignment of skill development schemes implemented by Bureau Adult Education through JSS with NVEQF/NSQF