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About Us
About Organization

Siddhartha Academy of General & Technical Education

Objective of Parent Organization

Objectives: (a) To establish aid and maintain educational and other institutions, to impart education at all stages for the promotion of literature, arts and sciences and all other subjects for diffusion of useful knowledge in Andhra Pradesh; (b) To devise ways and means and accord facilities for candidates to specialize in all or any of the above subjects; (c) To act as a Trust Board to accept endowments, bequests, donations, subscriptions, grants from institutions, both Private and Public, corporate bodies and Government and other transfers of property made to the Academy and administer them on the terms agreed to; (d) To carry on activities for any other charitable purposes and activities of General Public Utility.

Function of Parent Organization

(1) Maintain different educational institutions that offer variety of courses ranging from KG to PG in General Education besides specific courses for Technical Professional education. (2) Providing Health Facilities to the poor. (3) Arrange Cultural activities and encouraging various artists through Siddhartha Kalapeettam (4) To provide community services by undertaking different activities to help needy people. (5) Arrange stipend and scholarship to poor and needy people. (6) Providing different training programmes to the socially, educationally and economically backward people through Jan Shikshan Sansthan with the help of village people. (7) Arrange Library (8) Organizing Literacy activities.

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