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Jan Shikshan Sansthan West Godavari

About Us
About Organization

Kavuru Foundation

Objective of Parent Organization

1. To eradicate the evil superstitions prevailing in the villages and to create the heathy outlook among the rural people. 2. To establish schools for the orphan, deproved destitute, handicapped children and to make arrangements for their rehabilitation. 3. To impart deprived and destitute women and girls some skills like tailoring, embroidering work so as to enable them to stand on their own. This will boost their self-confidence and make them self-sufficient. 4. To establish old age and women short stay home for old people, widow, destitute and distress women. 5. To open up creeches for the working women's children. 6. To work for installing and promoting national integrity and patriotic fervor among the rural people without considering demarcations against any caste, creed sex or religion.

Function of Parent Organization

1. Provide free education to the poor or economically backward children 2. Conduct free classes in small groups to the poor men and women 3. provide medical facilities to the rural poor. 4. Work for the welfare and upliftment of the women

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