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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Ahmednagar

About Us
About Organization

Maharastra Homeopatic Foundation

Objective of Parent Organization

Maharashtra Homoeopathic Foundation stands for the achievements of the following objectives:- 1. To run medical health checkup camp and make homoeopathy popular in rural, urban and adivasi area. 2. To organize Homoeopathic shibirs, discussion meeting, seminars, conferences, etc. 3. To start and run medical research centre. 4. To start, run and maintain Homoeopathic College and Hospital, to facilitate, to make Homoeopathic medicines popular and famous. 5. To start, run and maintain Homoeopathic Mobile unit in adivasi area. 6. To develop and maintain Homoeopathic medicinal plants. 7. To work for up-gradation of health status and education, living standard of the people.

Function of Parent Organization

(1)To run medical health service projects & make Homeopathy popular in rural, urban & especially Adivasi area. (2)To arrange, manage, homoeopathic shibir, discussion, meeting, seminar, conference, etc. To start & run medical reaserch centre, Homoeopathi College & Hospital to facilitate & make homoeopathy popular & famous and approach & research bottom part of society. (3)To start,run & maintain Library, monthly magazine, educational & training institutes, Ashram shala, Scientific educational institute. To undertake scientific agricultural study. (4)To start, run & maintain Homoeopathic Mobile Unit in Adivasi & interior areas. (5)To develop, maintain & grow Homoeopathic Medicinal Plants. (6)To start Education & vocational guidance,professional, education in different areas, education research& development, kutir/grmodyog, small & agribusiness, Anathashram, Mahilashram, Lok Shikshalaye, etc.(7)Social, Cultural art implementation (8)Health related programmes

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