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Objective of Parent Organization

Aims and Objectives of Parent Organization a) The Parent Organization shall function for the educational, moral and economic advancement of the handicapped people, women and children, backward classes, Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes and other socially deprived sections and for their rehabilitation in all possible ways. The Association is purely charitable and open to all, irrespective of caste and creed. b) The Parent Organization shall work for the establishment and maintenance of educational institutions, training centres, workshops & industries including small scale industrial units so as to provide employment to persons with disabilities and deprived section of the community. c) The Parent Organization will seek cooperation from like social organizations. d) The Parent Organization will work for the prevention and cure of disabilities of the handicapped. e) The Parent Organization shall work in the field of drug abuse prevention /prohibition and shall establish Deaddiction and Rehabilitation centres and also Drug Awareness Counselling and Assistance Centres for the benefit of drug and alcohol addicts. f) The Parent Organization shall work for Dental Education, Medical Education, Education in the field of Agriculture, Veterinary, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering and other paramedical and technical education and work for the establishment and maintenance of the following higher and technical and educational institutions:- i)Dental College, ii) Medical College iii) Veterinary College iv) Agricultural College v) Nursing College vi) Pharmacy College, vii) Engineering College and viii) other Paramedical and Technical Education Colleges and Institutions.

Function of Parent Organization

Running Rehabilitation centres for persons with all categories of disabilities. There are around 60 institutions working under the Parent organization including. Schools, Colleges, Engineering College, Special Schools, Teacher Training Centres, Poly techniques, Old Age Homes, De-addiction Centres, Centers for Children and Women at risk etc .....

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