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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Khandwa

About Us
About Organization

The 5th Dimension Academy

Objective of Parent Organization

To organize establish and conduct project and programmes for economic, social,educational, community development oriented towards the weaker and valuable sections of the society.To provide training opportunity to community workers.Organize relief and rehabilitation programmes and projects in the time of natural calamities and other emergencies.To spread religious and cultural activities among the masses through publication and distribution of books and weekly/monthly magazines.Constraction and management of academic, educational, vocational and technical institutions.Arranging food,clothing and shelter for poor people in the society.To employ and train persons for the effective implementation of the project and programmes of the society and to give salaries, wages, stipends and honorarium.

Function of Parent Organization

We work to end the alienation of poor people and to bring them into the mainstream developmental process.The organization has been actively engaged in dealing with social issues such as poverty alleviation, community health, environment progression,employment generation, population control, formal and non-formal education, youth, women and child development, welfare of SC,ST,OBC,Minority and BPL.

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JSS Khandwa B-19,LIG Colony, Khandwa (M.P.), Pin :450001

Phone :0733-2246801 , Fax :0733-2246801

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