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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Nalgonda

About Us
About Organization

Society for Health and Education Development

Objective of Parent Organization

1- To educate, encourage and initiate women towads their rights and liberation. 2) To betterment of the community. 3) To improvement of the poor pelple cultural. 4) To help in the imvolvement and education of yound people in their activities related to development. 5) To engage in adult education of people for development in general 6) To undertake and participate in programes pertaining to health, education, community development etc. 7) To seek for the coloboration and cooperation of other voluntery agency, government agencies for the programe and developmental activities. 8) To do all such other things as may be necessary for or insurential to or cunductive to the objects of the society or allied there to. 9) To undertake study and research on all matters pertain to development 10) The membership and benefits of the society shall be open to all members and shall not be restricted to any perticular caste, class or religious community.

Function of Parent Organization

1) NRBC 2) RCH Programmes 3) HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes 4) Youth welfate progarammes 5) Vocational Programmes 6) Adult Education Programmes 7)Child Labour Programmes 8) Formation of S.H.G. groups 9) Women and Child Welfare programme 10) Environment awareness programmes 11) Medical camps organising

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JSS Nalgonda H.No. 6-6-66, Ravindra Nagar, Hyd. Road, Nalgonda District Telangana State., Pin :508001

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