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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Jalgaon

About Us
About Organization

Adiwasi Seva Mandal, Chopda

Objective of Parent Organization

a)To Progress the Adiwasi Backward class Nominatted castes by means of education, culture, financial b)To Knowledge Character, service c)By developing new thems among the Adiwasi Backward & Nominatted Class, Childrens to achive th goal of brotherhood and teach them self development d)To develop over all progress of Studentsby means of helth, physical, mental Character

Function of Parent Organization

Sharacchandrika Akka Post Basic Ashram School, Karjane Tal. Chopda V.P.Deshmukh Primary Ashram School, Karjane Tal.Chopda

Contact Us :

JSS Jalgaon Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Kasturba Mahila Samaj Campus, Chopda, Pin :425107

Phone :02586-222600 , Fax :02586-222600

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