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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Narendrapur

About Us
About Organization

Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad,Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur

Objective of Parent Organization

(a)To impart and promote the study of the Vedanta and its principles as propounded by Sri Ramakrishna and practically illustrated by his own life and of Comparative Theology in its widest form. (b)(i)To impart, promote and undertake the study of and research in the arts, sciences, technologies and industries, in all their branches, both basic and applied. (ii)To undertake scientific research in the area of medical sciences. (c)To train teachers in all branches of knowledge above-mentioned and enable them to reach the masses. (d)To carry on educational work among the masses. (e)To establish, maintain, carry on and assist schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, orphanages, hospitals, houses for the aged, the invalid, relief and rehabilitation works, training institutions and institutions of like nature.

Function of Parent Organization

Non Formal Elemantary Education Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya Income Alternative of the Forest Fringe Dwellers Tribal Development Programme Promotion of Lac Cultivation Community Based Disaster Risk Management Sundarban Development Project Water and Sanitation Programme Non Conventional Energy Creches Vivekananda Child Development Project ICDS Project Centre for Child Labour Anganwadi Workers and Supervisors Training Centre Jan Shikshan Sansthan Different Vocational Training Programmes Agricultural Training Centre and State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute Soil Testing EDP, SHG Health and Family Welfare Annual Celebration Annual Convention for Grass-Root-Level Organizations Emergency Flood Relief

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JSS Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission Lokasiksha Parishad,Narendrapur, Pin :700103

Phone :033-24772207 , Fax :03324772070

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