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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Tikamgarh

About Us
About Organization

Swargiya Sardar Singh Smriti Shiksha Samiti

Objective of Parent Organization

(1) To establish and manage the educational institutes for implementation of educational system according to needs and expectations of Indian tradition, custom and modern society. (2) To re-establish social, moral and spiritual values based on that development self discipline and national sprit. (3) For all a) To establish Gym for physical development for everyone b) Psychological centre for mental development c) Library for aptitude development d) Children cultural centre for psychological development e) To establish lab for development of scientific views f) Library for development of curious person g) To establish acting and art centre for development about the soft feelings and the feelings of life art and amusement h) To establish and manage yoga centre for developing self discipline i) All those works which are helpful to given objects j) To arrange and directing literary and cultural activities

Function of Parent Organization

(1) Organised Health checkup camp for school children (2) Create awareness among the rural people's regarding literacy (3) Plantation work (4) Renovation of Old tanks and wells in the rural areas. (5) Organized agricultural training by SMS to educate the farmers about improved agricultural technologies for crop production, optimal land use farming system etc. (6) Oraganised Vidhik Sahayata Camp for information given about Vidhik Sahayata provided by Government to the poor person. (7) Organised cultural programmes (8) Organised Sport activities for youth in the rural areas. (9) Organised free commuter training for youth in summer vacation

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JSS Tikamgarh Indrapuri Colony, Behind District Hospital, Tikamgarh (M.P.), Pin :472001

Phone :07683-240038 , Fax :07683240039

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