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Jan Shikshan Sansthan Valsad

About Us
About Organization

Gujarat Vidhyapith Mandal

Objective of Parent Organization

1) The principal object of the Vidyapith shall be to prepare through education, workers of charcter, ability, culture and conscientiousness necessary for the conduct of the movements connected with the regeneration of the country in accordance with the ideals given be Mahatma Gandhi 2)The teachers and trustees of the Vidyapith shall restrict themselves to those means only which are not inconsistent with truth and non-violence and shall consciously strive to carry them out. 3)The teachers and trustees of the Vidyapith, as also all the institutions connected with it, shall regard untouchability as a blot on Hinduism, and shall strive to the best of their ability for its removal, and shall not exclude a boy or a girl for reason of his or her untouchability nor shall give him or her discriminatory treatment having once accorded admission to him or her.

Function of Parent Organization

Executive committee consideration of the management of the Institute. To scrutinize budget estimates. Any other matter entrusted by the Executive Committee

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