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Department of School Education and Literacy
Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

Scheme of Support to Voluntary Agencies for Adult Education & Skill Development

Jan Shikshan Sansthan Panipat

About Us
About Organization

Ramjas Shiksha Samiti Sonepat

Objective of Parent Organization

To improve the occupational skills and technical knowledge of the neoliterates and trainees To improve academic and technical resource support to Zilla Shaksarta Samities To promote national goals such as secularism , national integration, population and development womens equality protection and conversation of enviroment etc

Function of Parent Organization

Identify appropriate target areas and target groups by devlopping socio-economic profile Organize training programmes for key resource persons, master tainers and trainees in vocational courses and for neo-literates

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JSS Panipat vikas Nagar, Vikas Meenar Gali No. 17 CISF Road Behind NFL Panipat, Pin :132103

Phone :0180-2668888 , Fax :0180268888

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