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About Organization

Deendayal Research Institute

Objective of Parent Organization

a) To establish a centre for the purpose of studying human life in all its aspects and for conducting necessary research thereon, and to undertake research with a view to achieving reconstruction of the Indian Society. - To undertake various activities that will arouse and develop the felling of unity and affinity amongst the various sections of the society. - To facilitate in depth study of various subjects, whither to establish new libraries of help the existing ones, to conduct lecture series with the help of experts and to publish collection of their thoughts in a book form. - To establish development centres and training centres throughout India in order to help people in regard to research, planning and evaluation, to render advice for raising funds and developing resources and generally to help the people and to function as a link between the people and the government as necessary.

Function of Parent Organization

-In respect of Agrucultural Operation, on the basis of an integrated manner so as to develop the nation and society in the given circumstances of climate and cooperation. - In respect of research and education to develop the same in scientific way so as to train people in various fields and walks of life, culture, knowledge and technology specifically sponsored towards rural development. -In respect of medical service, to enhance the opportunities of its facilities to rural areas where it is ulmost needed and in furtherance of same to organise the process of camps, hospitals and dispensaries, accordingly.

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